Australian Labor Party

Australian Labor Party 
National website for the Australian Labor Party

Victorian Labor Party
Website for the Victorian Labor Party

Labor History
A website outlining Labor history in Australia

Our ALP Elected Representatives & Candidates

Following are websites for our local ALP elected representatives:-


Federal Government Website
The official online gateway for the Australian Government

Australian Electoral Commission
The Australian Electoral Commission website. Update your enrolment here.

Victorian Government Website
The Victorian Government’s official website

Victorian Electoral Commission
Website for Victoria’s Electoral Commission. Results of past state elections can be viewed here.

Union Movement

Australian Council of Trade Unions
Official website of the peak body representing Australian workers

Victorian Workers Union
Official website of the Victorian Workers Union

Progressive Organisations

Fabian Society
The Australian Fabians are dedicated to building a progressive society

Australian Republican Movement
The official website of the Australian Republican Movement

Chifley Research Centre
A progressive think-tank


UK Labour Party
The official website of our fraternal Party in the United Kingdom

New Zealand Labour Party
The website for our fraternal Party across the ditch

US Democrats
Website of the US Democrats – our fraternal Party in the United States of America

Progressive Alliance
The international body representing progressive parties around the World